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Geese from the Clifftop

For several days , small numbers of Brent Geese have been moving east; today, despite another gale blowing, rather more came through: 230 in groups of up to 75 by 0900.

Seawatching has been challenging of late, what with the gales-which Fulmars seemed to enjoy, with 25 close in during "Doris", and quite a bit of fog. There are still a few auks, RT Divers and Grebes around, a Grey Seal appeared briefly a couple of days ago, and a Harbour Porpoise this morning.

No moths !


White-fronted Geese

It has been a great winter for wild geese in our area, with plenty of opportunities to see both Taiga and Tundra Bean Geese, Pinkfeet and Whitefronts, at various locations.

Yesterday I joined Naural England staff for a bird survey across Pett Level, our allocation was between the pools and the cross-path. As we were getting ready by the cars a large flock of Whitefronts dropped in and flew off again with Greylags, at least 40. We saw these distantly several times in the couse of the morning, but as we walked back we passed close to them, and  counted  48, an excellent count for the area. The picture shows the pink bills of Russian White-fronts; Greenland White-fronts have orange bills and have only been recorded twice In Sussex.

Other than that it was very quiet for birds, perhaps displaced by the previous day's storm ?, but a Water Pipit was a good find this winter, and 100 Med. Gulls provided more spectacle;  a Male Marsh Harrier displayed at great height.


Beach Reserve

Spring can't be far away...... 27 Avocets on the new saltmarsh area, three Mediterranean Gulls and 50+ Black-headed Gulls on Ternery Pool. Also of note, 170 Curlew, Great White Egret, 6 Grey Partridge, Barn Owl and two Kingfishers.


"Later identified from photographs"

A phrase often used in birding circles.  I can't seem to catch any moths at the moment-warm days, but challenging nights on the clifftop, but I have been amusing myself in the early hours by going through an archive of un-named moth photos on my computer. Mostly tricky tortrices, but this relatively easy one came to light-the Ermine Moth Yponomeuta irrorrela, caught in my previous house in Fairlight in August 2013.

Confirmed by county recorder Colin Pratt, there have been just a few E Sussex records of this proposed RDB 2 species: 4 at Rye in 2004, and one at Icklesham in 2013, just a few days before this one. There are just 3 West Sussex records, again one was just a few days before this one.


Wildlife Wonders

Iden and District Natural History Society talk on Friday 24th February, 7.30 at Iden Village Hall, is entitled "Iceland's Natural Wonders" by Colin Page.