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One of the very few survivors...

The breeding terns are struggling to find enough fish to raise their chicks and very nearly all of the Sandwich (600 pairs), common (155) and little (13) have failed at the early chick stage. The photo above shows one of the very few Sandwich tern chicks to have survived (and one of the very few Meditteranean gull chicks, top right). So although predation appears to be the big problem at the moment (kestrel, gulls and crows) the underlying issue appears to be lack of food and the almost endless very windy weather is not helping!

Most of the Sandwich and common terns (below) are renesting, but although the little tern adults are still around it is probably too late for them.

When the Sandwich and common terns are threatened they work together in a swirling flock to try and put off the predator... it makes quite a spectacle, especially in last night's evening sinshine.

 And here is a kestrel being mobbed by common terns...


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