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Newt breeding season draws to an end

Trapping ponds on Romney Marsh recently has produced a significant number of males without crests, indicating the breeding season is coming to an end.  There are still eggs to be found for the moment, but not for much longer.  This was a pinched leaf I found in pit 10 on the RSPB reserve yesterday.

The female newt folded the leaf over, wrapping an egg inside it.  You can see the outline of the egg to the top left of the pinched leaf.  When it was unwrapped the developing egg of a great crested newt was found.

The pale eggs of this newt are larger than the other newt species and they typically use more robust plant species for egg laying.  The results of all this, newt larvae, are also abundant in some ponds at the moment.  I noticed 70 by torch light the other night swimming at the top of the water column along one metre of ditch.

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