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National Moth night in Fairlight

As a contribution to NMN event, I ran my traps at Hastings Country Park NR and our Fairlight garden on Friday night- I can't manage all that staying up and watching the trap business, so as usual checked them in the morning.

It looked very promising as it was a hot day, then overcast, but a strong wind and lots of rain during the night flooded the Country Park trap, limiting  the catch- though I suspect not by a lot.  [and a lot better than my last attempt, when a fox bit through the power cable !] There were 19 species here, nothing special but the first Drinker of the year, a Mottled Beauty of the distinctive form conversaria, and, at the picnic site toilet block lights, a Small Fanfoot.

At home, where it is more sheltered, the actinic trap held 25 species-the most this year-, including the spectacular but annual Swallow-tailed Moth [picture], a Coronet , a True-lovers Knot and 2 Buff Footman. Two more species were found in the house while ironing clothes: the common Brown House Moth, and, a first, a Case-bearing clothes moth...

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