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Tales from the trap

It's the time of the year again when I go through my pitfall catches from the re-created saltmarsh habitat on Harbour Farm and despite the fact I have been at this for around eight years now, the samples still keep turning up new 'stuff' for the reserve. One such species is Glenanthe ripicola (below), one of a family known as 'shore-flies' due to their liking for the edges of wet habitats (this one likes saltmarsh). There seems to be little known about this frankly unimpressive species, and though it doesn't appear to be particularly rare I had never even heard of it before I identified it! However, as well as being new to the reserve it also appears to be new to Sussex, so not completely devoid of interest.

Also of interest recently was a single male of the tiny money spider Ceratinopsis romana (see here), only the third reserve record  and the first since 1998. At the time of the last record this species was considered to be 'Notable b' ('Nationally Scarce' in current parlance), so uncommon but not particularly so. However, since the then it has been upgraded to 'Nationally Rare', making it one of the reserve's rarer spiders. 


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