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And so it begins...

Yes, as far as bees are concerned spring is already in full swing. Today (Saturday) at Galley Hill in sweltering 14°C February heat there was considerable insect activity. The most important record being the discovery of Colletes cunicularius already on the wing. A number of males were patrolling the sandy undercliff intercepting females. Each female attended by 2-3 male suitors. 

The most numerous species on the wing already seemed to be Andrena thoracica (cliff mining bee) foraging from Petasites fragrans (winter heliotrope) flowers on the cliff and railway sidings, males also nectaring from dandelions (see photo below). Also on the wing already in numbers were Andrena flavipes (yellow-legged mining bee) and Andrena nigroaenea (buffish mining bee). Even a few Bombus terrestris (buff-tailed bumblebeeworkers were out foraging from gorse flowers on the undercliff.

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