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Pett Level

What a difference a day makes. This morning in the sunshine there were both Common Darter (photo) and Migrant Hawkers flying at the back of the levels. The biggest surprise was a pristine Brimstone butterfly flying amongst the brambles.


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Black Redstart at Rye Harbour

All yesterday afternoon, a juvenile or female Black Redstart was feeding around the wreck of a boat between the "viewpoint" at the end of the road by the William the Conqueror, and the Lifeboat House.



Newts are relatively easy to see and appreciate in a pond, but when they move onto the land their habits are much harder to study as they secrete themselves away in damp shady places.  A little insight to their world has been presented to me on a job where I am trapping newts and removing them from a development site.  Over the past week the palmate newt Lisotriton helveticus has started to appear in the traps close to one of the ponds suggesting that animals are moving back towards the pond ready to breed. Smooth newts and great crested newts are not doing this yet. This is the 13th specimen I have trapped in the past week.  Only three were trapped during the preceeding week.

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Rye Harbour Sightings

Still a lot of birds at the flooded Flat Beach Level over the last few days, including around 1000 golden plover, 250 each of wigeon and lapwing  around 100 dunlin (above) and 13 snipe, with the best of the bunch being a little stint today. Also today, a spotted redshank was on harbour farm, on the pool to the west of the barns, and a hobby flew over the Beach Reserve a little later.