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Budding Birders

A group of children aged from 4-14 joined one of our events today: Childrens Birdwatching. Although many of what we would consider common species were seen, and these would not usually warrant a mention on this website, for many of these young enthusiasts it was the first time they could put a proper name to these birds.

As we were all fairly new to birdwatching, we didn't remember to keep a list as we visited the Wader Pool, Quarry and Ternery Pool hides, but I think I have remembered all that we saw:

Linnet, herring gull, pied wagtail, starling, black-headed gull, wood pigeon, oystercatcher, curlew, little egret, little grebe, great crested grebe (juvenile), mallard, dunlin, common sandpiper, cormorant, dunlin, goldfinch and Sandwich tern.

Not bad for a group of beginners, hopefully they'll be back to expand on their list!

Photo of curlew stolen from Barry Yates!


Northiam Station 

From Terry Howard by e-mail. Went on a trip on the Kent & East Sussex Railway. Didn't expect to see Redshanks, Tufted ducks and Mallards on the flooded fields at Northiam or a Hobby around the Wittersham area. Great day out with grandson. Sightings a bonus.


Ragwort - friend or foe?

For many months we have been making a big effort to control ragwort (Senecio jacobea) on the nature reserve. I often wonder why. We cut, pull and herbicide it from March to September because pressure is put on us by the public and some neighbours. But there are many local landowners not managing large areas which are bright yellow at the moment and the seeds are blown in the wind. The wildlife case is put well by Buglife - click here. What should we do ??? 


Privet Hawkmoth

  From Christopher Strangeways by e-mail. This enormous moth was found this morning in Iden.


Strawberry Clover plus...


Midway between the size and colour of red and white clovers is the pink flowered strawberry clover, which is now in full bloom in damp grasland and being visited by bumblebess. This group is in the ditches at the northern end of Castle Water, but it is very widespread. It's the seedhead that resembles a strawberry....

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